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Electro engineer

Registered: 2021-12-03 17:57:16
Vacancies: 1
E-mail: 89053643304@mail.ru
Phone: 89673302615

PREVIOUS SERVICE Name of Vessel CROWN GARNET Company; Afalina Type of Vessel; Cargo Reefer D.W.T 10332 Type/model of Engine: Akasaka Diesel 11915 kW Cadet 02.04.2016 24.08.2016 Name of Vessel WILD COSMOS Company; Afalina Type of Vessel; Cargo Reefer D.W.T 9859 Type/model of Engine: 9859 2 SA 7 CY 9627 kW Electric 22.03.2017 28.07.2017 Name of Vessel Rasul Gamzatov Company; TransMorFlot Type of Vessel; General Cargo D.W.T 5828 Type/model of Engine; 8NVDS 48A-3U 3880 kW ETO 27.09.2018 02.04.2019 Name of Vessel Neva Company; Shipmar Type of Vessel; Reefer D.W.T 1497 Type/model of Engine: 8VDS 36/24 A-1 1030 kW ETO 18.07.2019 25.09.2019 Name of Vessel Volgoneft 109 Company; Volgonransneft Type of Vessel; Tanker D.W.T 3575 Type/model of Engine; 8NVD48 AV 1472 kW ETO 28.09.2019 25.01.2019 Name of Vessel Urartu Company; RP-Bunker LLC Type of Vessel; Oil Tanker D.W.T 2897 Type/model of Engine: MAK 8M20 3040kW ETO 08.07.2020 08.02.2021 Name of Vessel Valday Company; Optimus Shipping Type of Vessel; Dry Cargo D.W.T 1682 Type/model of Engine: MAK 6M332C 1020kW ETO 13.02.2021 12.05.2021 Name of Vessel Lady Maria Company; LLC Frachtmortrans Type of Vessel; Oil Tanker D.W.T 8144 Type/model of Engine: Wartsila 6L20 2400kW ETO 17.07.2021 19.10.2021

Country: RU
City: Astrakhan
Address: Narimanov Volzskaya st 9
Contact person: Mikhail

Vacancies: Electro engineer


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